Using Sony's Touchless Shutter

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Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), as a landscape photographer, I don't shoot with a remote. When I travel, I like to travel with as little gear as possible. As many of you probably already know, the lighter the better. Those backpack and messenger bag straps can really tire you out on a long trip. A remote is essential to any landscaping or cityscaping gear. 

When you forget your remote:
Option 1: Use the IR Blaster on your phone. 
Option 2: Use Sony's Touchless Shutter App. 

One way I have found to take one less piece of gear is using either my phone or this nifty app that was released not too long ago by sony. A remote is essential to any landscaping or cityscaping gear. (Pictured below: Left - Shutter blur from long exposure, Right - stable) 

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Sometimes, you aren't carrying a tripod with you and other times you don't have a remote. This would be an ideal time to use touchless shutter. Touchless shutter allows you to trigger the shutter without even touching the camera reducing any blurring that may occur due to camera movement. All you do is basically simply move your hand over eye sensor and it triggers the shutter for you. 

This is an awesome tool for photographers, although it only saves in .jpeg format onto your camera, it is helpful when you don't have your remote handy. 

It's still in beta mode and free on the sony website. The only down side is, the bulb only works for certain models, so please keep note on that. Here's a short video by youtuber and photographer Maarten Heilbron (Click through link) that runs through the APP features:

I hope you found this useful for you next photography adventure, touchless shutter has certainly saved me in some situations. If you're looking for APP for remote shutter release, there are plenty in the app store you can chose from. As always, safe travels and happy shooting! If you found this information helpful, feel free to subscribe for more content or leave a comment down below. 

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