Tokyo Skyline Observation Decks

October 20, 2014

Gear: Sony A7
Lens: FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS

This is going to be a quick post as a throwback to a beautiful photo opportunity in Tokyo. I often go back to my memories in Tokyo simply because I love the city. The variety of the topography in Japan and the uniqueness of the atmosphere in Japan continues to draw me back to it every time I have a chance. 

This picture was taken in a great location overlooking Tokyo. It's one of the simple place to see Tokyo's skyline. 

 'Tokyo Burning' (Coordinates: 35°39'38.4"N 139°43'45.3"E) Click through for google maps.

'Tokyo Burning' (Coordinates: 35°39'38.4"N 139°43'45.3"E) Click through for google maps.

If you stay here long enough, or if you come during the right conditions, you have the opportunity of capturing a breath taking image of Tokyo's skyline. The con side of this photo location is that it's not free. The link below provides all the information you need to get up there. 

Another shot of Tokyo Sky Tree from the ground of Roppongi Hills. You don't have to go up into the viewing deck to get a good picture. 

There are several other options for taking shots of the Tokyo Skyline. I do no recommend breaking any rules in trying to access rooftops around the city, however there are various buildings with public access to the rooftop views. The metropolitan building for example is one popular spot for a free view of Tokyo's skyline. All the information and how to get there is provided on their website: 

Looking up from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The Deck on the right tower. 

Here are a couple of 'unedited' pictures from the viewing deck. You'll be presented with a couple of challenges when you get up there. I purposely left these images the way they are for the purpose of demonstrating the challenges you'll face. There are some ugly glares showing through the window. If you get the right angle or you figure out how to cover up or remove in post, then this may be another great place for pictures. If I remember correctly, tripods are not allowed in the viewing deck.  

Finally there are the other two towers you can visit for awesome city views. Skytree and Tokyo Tower. 

Here's how to get to Skytree: 

Here's information about the observation deck at Skytree: 

Here's how to get to Tokyo Tower: 

Here's information about Tokyo Tower Observation deck with more travel info: 

If you want further locations to shoot has the perfect guide for you. I have no personally visited all the sites yet, but plan to sometime in the future. I cannot verify the conditions or allowances for photographers at the other locations. 

I hope this helps shed some light on some photo ops around town aside from the temples, market places or alley ways. Next time you're in Japan or if you're just passing through, try to make it to one of these decks at sunset and you won't be disappointed! As always be safe and best wishes on your next photographic endeavor. If you found this information helpful, feel free to leave me a comment down below or subscribe for more content. 

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