Walking Lake Kawaguchiko

March 28, 2016 - Lake Kawaguchiko. 

Camera: Sony A7
Lens: Tokina Plastic Fantastic, Minolta 85mm f1.4, Minolta 70-210mm F4

The wonderful thing about Japan is just the vast array of photo ops available around Tokyo. One of my favorite places so far is Lake Kawaguchiko; about three hours day trip out of Tokyo. If you are on a budget, the highway bus is the way to go. Otherwise, if you want a truly scenic railroad trip through Japan's country side (which takes about 6 hours) take the slow train to Kawaguchiko Station. 

Lake Kawaguchiko is a small town at the base of Mt. Fuji. It's a quiet town, plenty of saunas and resorts dotted around the lake shore, taxis are hard to come by and busses run off schedule. The lake is surrounded almost all sides by mountains. For the traveling photographer, this is perfect. Lots of vantage points for shooting Mt. Fuji and the lake area. 

I stayed a small local place to get away from the tourists. I was the first guest in the Lodge and virtually had the whole lodge to myself. Wilderness Park Lodge offers wilderness excursions throughout the year except winter time. You can take their canoes out into the lake, atv, caving etc. You can get all their information there. It's not the cleanest or most well maintained location for home base. They don't offer any dining or lunch service. The hotel room itself however is large enough to fit four people. Don't expect a five star rating. 

Location of Wilderness Park Lodge: Stop 21 on Sightseeing Bus Red Line (zoom out and take a note of the location of Mt. Fuji) 


Shooting Around the Lake

Lake Kawaguchiko offers several options for photographers when it comes to landscapes. This being said, although the star of the show is Mt. Fuji, there are several other photography options around the lake. Here are a couple of shots taken around the lake and their locations as GPS coordinates. This should help you get an idea what to shoot and where to shoot around the lake. 

Every landscape photographer knows that if you wait long enough and at the right time, the sky and render beautiful colors. Keep an eye out for the weather, as this lake usually renders a plethora of weather conditions. 

Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment.
— Anselm Adams

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