Photographing Sunset Rock

April 6, 2015

Camera: Sony A7
Lens: Tokina Plastic Fantastic


There are times when I get the urge to get lost somewhere. Just pick up my camera and see if I can get myself lost in a new neighborhood or part of the city. What is beautiful about Seoul is that you have access to interesting locations near the sea. Oido is one of those places. 

So how did I find this place? Surprisingly there aren't many pages through google search that really do this point justice. If you did find this place, the blog or picture description is in Korean and getting there really will be a challenge; I hope this post makes everything easier for you. There are several locations in this area but the one I particularly enjoyed was this point next to the ocean. 

Here's an overview of where this location is in relation to Seoul city. 

Getting there may be a little challenging for those who are traveling on public transportation, but not impossible. I took the subway to 'Oido' station (the location is marked on the map above). When you reach the station, you can google pin drop the coordinates given in the picture caption to see what bus number you can take to get there. 

Here is another map of what route I found works best on getting there through public transportation: 

Finally here's a map with public transit information:

 (Click through for google maps information)

(Click through for google maps information)

My first time there, I did not know that the busses come around very early. If you are not driving, you have to mind the time, since you'll probably find yourself in the dark if shooting the sunset wondering if the busses have stopped. 

 Sunset Rock (Coordinates: 37°16'58.1"N 126°32'23.6"E) Click through for google maps location. 

Sunset Rock (Coordinates: 37°16'58.1"N 126°32'23.6"E) Click through for google maps location. 

When you get off the bus the walk seems a little far, however it only takes about 30mins to reach the destination. When you arrive you will also notice that the boardwalk extends further out into the Peninsula which will render another photo op location. Be adventurous and explore the area before you leave! 

As always, safe travels on your next adventure and best wishes on your trip. If you found this information helpful to you in anyway, feel free to leave a comment down below and subscribe for upcoming photo locations. 

Yours truly,